Óbidos is a Portuguese village in the district of Leiria. The village is within the walls of the Castelo de Óbidos and is a small village completely preserved, with small and idyllic streets intersected by the typical house and shops of local crafts.

Since 2007 the Óbidos Castle is considered one of the Seven Wonders of Portugal, the second of the seven most relevant monuments of the Portuguese architectural heritage. Since 2015 it is also considered by UNESCO as a literary village.


It is thought that Óbidos was built by the Celts in C. 308 BC. After the Roman presence, Óbidos was conquered by the Moors and, in January 1148, the knights of D. Afonso Henriques conquered Óbidos. In thanks, a memory was founded to Jesus crucified and to the Virgin of Piety and, just at the entrance of the village, a small altar Nossa Senhora da Piedade was found.A vila foi oferecida à rainha Isabel, pelo rei D. Dinis, no século XIII e foi nesse período que prosperou. Daí o grande número de igrejas que podemos encontrar numa vila tão pequena.

The village was offered to Queen Isabel, by King D. Dinis, in the 13th century and it was during this period that it prospered. Hence the large number of churches that we can find in such a small village.

How to go?

Óbidos is less than 1 hour from Lisbon and they pay around 5 € of toll. They can also use public transport and take the bus. Look here. But, once again, we advise using the car whenever possible, in the context of a pandemic, as well as making it easier for them to join several destinations on the same trip. To join with Óbidos, we recommend a visit to Caldas da Rainha and Alcobaça.

When to go?

During the year. A vast cultural program takes place in the village throughout the year. Of course this year (and perhaps the next, very much affected by the pandemic. Vila Natal was canceled for this year). But here are the usual dates for each event:

International Chocolate Festival - April / May

Seasons of Baroque Classical Music - May

Medieval Market - July / August

Opera Festival - September

Cravo - October

Óbidos International Literary Festival - October

Vila Natal - November to January

Where to eat?

There are some restaurants that you can choose in the village for lunch. They will always be the typical restaurants in tourist locations. But here, above all, we advise you to try the famous Óbidos cherry. It is a cherry liqueur, drunk in a tiny glass of chocolate that can and should be eaten at the end.

Where to stay?

Óbidos can be seen in a day, or less. It can be a day visit or a visit between visits. But, if you want to stay in the area, you can find beautiful accommodation options around it. Because there are many options and with a very wide offer, we advise you to do a booking survey so that you can choose the one that best suits you. If you choose our suggestion, Óbidos / Caldas da Rainha / Alcobaça, we recommend staying at 19 Tile.

What to do?

We advise above all to stroll freely, without long schedules and plans. Walk the streets, enter the shops, get to know the region's crafts, drink a cherry, enter the church, admire the view of the castle and spend some time in the village bookstores. Even at the top, before reaching the castle, they find an old church, transformed into a bookshop. It is super interesting to enjoy reading and researching books in such an unusual space for a bookstore. The collection is fantastic, with lots of options for authors from different languages and in different languages.

Enjoy a day well spent and lived with tranquility!