We are João, Vicente, Carolina and Clara


I have a degree in Portuguese language and culture and worked in the field when I finished the course. However, focused on my goals of getting married and building a family, I left the instability of the profession behind and did a thousand and one things. Two years, with two pregnancies, then and without knowing if we could do it (I discovered that I have a genetic problem), João and I (together since 1999) were blessed with Vicente and, seven months later (...), with Clear.

Unhappy in Lisbon, with a job that consumed me, we moved to the West and changed jobs. I rediscovered my vocation. I love teaching Portuguese to foreigners, transmitting language and culture, but I love learning from them. Being in a multicultural environment fascinates me and brought out my passion and thirst for getting to know others and the world.

My communicative and creative streak, the desire to conjugate the verb to go, the desire to know Portugal and the increasing difficulty of tourism, caused by the pandemic, aroused in me the idea of ​​creating a website to promote Portugal, with the challenge of a destination per week for a year. What could be more spectacular than that? Being with my family, traveling, showing Portugal and still being able to lend a helping hand to tourism, showing that Portugal is a super family friendly country and that children do not prevent us from traveling, we just have to adapt the trips to our lifestyle. ..


It is the funny one here at home and who makes the party with the children. While the mother dreams and travels, the father is practical and enjoys some stability and tradition. But always align on everyone's adventures!

The best driver in the world, takes us on the roads of Portugal (he always prefers national roads ...). He has a degree in Marketing Management, but he is able to do a little bit of everything, just want to. Focused and responsible, with a more serious look, but he is the one who makes us laugh the most!


Just turned 5. He's the sweetest boy in the world! It is fair and extremely organized. A lot of communicator has been called for. He loves to travel and wants to see the world. fascinate with each discovery! He talks a lot in Australia lately ... He says he wants to go see the kangaroos. One day, son!


Our youngest. Dispatched and very grown up for almost 4 years. She is very mature, loves to talk, dance and sing. Our little hurricane. For her, life is always a party! Always waiting for the new adventure ...

Embark with us on this trip!

Ps: we believe that the pandemic clearly limits us, but (if we have all the necessary care) we can continue to travel through Portugal!